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Welcome to Winter Guard Soundtracks! Let's craft the perfect soundtrack for your group!


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We offer all kinds of audio production services, including (but not limited to) - 

  • Splicing two different songs or pieces of music together

  • Adding or removing counts from your soundtrack

  • Filling gaps or empty parts of the music with original material

  • Embellishing original music with additional material

  • Adding soundscapes and samples to help create a sonic "environment"

  • Isolating tracks

  • Eq'ing for big arena speakers

  • Mixes for Dance & Cheer Teams

- and more!

Whether it's a one-time cut early-on or multiple edits through the season, we offer multiple different contracts to fit your needs. Need to add 4 counts there or remove 16 counts here? No problem! With our unlimited plan, timely edits at no extra cost to you for the length of your season!







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Mike Bishop - Founder, Winter Guard Soundtracks

Mike Bishop - Founder, Winter Guard Soundtracks


Winter Guard Soundtracks was founded in 2015 in Austin, TX after Mike Bishop, whose wife Kelsey is an active member of the color guard community, was approached by friends of Kelsey to help them with some small editing work in their winter guard soundtrack. Word of Mike's work spread through central Texas, the United States, and Europe, where more & more people have reached out for help.

Mike has since moved back to his hometown of Philadelphia and has taken on crafting soundtracks for winter guards, dance teams, cheer teams, as well as sample-creation and other audio work and composition as a full-time business. Learn more about Mike, his experience, and other services he offers here.